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Did you know

  • The National Park of American Samoa is spread across three islands and occupies 5,335 acres of land, including a spectacular escarpment along the southern side, and the impressive Judds Crater.

  • If you clear your visit with the Marine and Wildlife Resources Officer in Pago Pago, you can dive, snorkel and swim at the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

  • Ta'u Island was the spiritual "capital" of Polynesia prior to Western colonization. The island features many significant sites including the tombs of the last Tu'I Manu'a, the paramount chiefs of these islands.

  • A combination of spectacular coral reefs and undersea coral walls, some over 66 feet deep, make scuba diving, skin diving, and snorkeling attractive options for the experienced water enthusiast.

  • White Sunday is like a national kids day. On the second Sunday in October, children dress in white and lead church services. Afterwards they're the guests of honor at feasts served to them by adults.

  • Aunu'u Island is home to Pala Lake that has a beautiful expanse of fiery red quicksand -- extraordinary from the edge, deadly in the middle.

  • American Samoa is a group of six Polynesian islands in the South Pacific and became an unorganized U.S. territory in 1900.

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