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Travel Ideas & Packages
Ready to hike that trail? Need a place to stay? Want to rent a family van or a camper? Looking for a great deal on a family vacation? In the Vacation Packages section of SEEAMERICA.ORG, you will find vacation packages offered by parks and destinations across the United States. When you're looking for a great deal for your vacation, be sure and check here first!
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Asheville's Arts Heritage Package (June 19 - September 25, 2005)
Our newest package, Asheville's Arts Heritage, invites you to tour the vibrant, living history, and discover the heart of Asheville's arts & crafts legacy. While it is true that The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa houses the largest private collection of Arts & Crafts furnishings and lighting fixtures in the world, Asheville's wealth of arts and crafts is even more of a treasure. A uniquely beloved home for artists and craftspeople, this beautiful little city in the mountains has been legendary for generations. Come with us and explore yesterday's and today's mountain arts and crafts. FOR A LIMITED TIME, THE INTRODUCTORY PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE PRICE IS AS LOW AS $499 AND IS PRICED FAVORABLY FOR LONGER STAYS. THIS PACKAGE includes: - Two Nights Accommodations (Mountain View Room)* - Crafters Demonstrations - Self-Guided Historic Audio Tour of The Grove Park Inn - Breakfast Daily Per Guest - Asheville Arts & Crafts Adventure Trolley Tour** *Sunday arrivals only. Two-night stay minimum. **The Asheville Historic Trolley Tour is an authentic touring trolley with one of the top Arts and Crafts Tours in the country. The Arts & Crafts Adventure tour is a half-day tour featuring the major Arts and Crafts venues in the Asheville area. This information packed, narrated tour includes stops at each of the following places: Folk Art Center, New Morning Gallery and The Grove Arcade.
The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa
3-Day Mountains, Castles & History by American Travel Center
The Blue Ridge Parkway moves from Virginia into North Carolina, the mountains become increasingly rugged, surrounded by majestic stands of trees. Unbelievable views give rise to a slower pace, coupled with a chance for you to catch your breath in the crisp clean mountain air and get out and enjoy the scenery.
American Travel Center
3-Day Mountains, Castles & History by American Travel Center
The Blue Ridge Parkway moves from Virginia into North Carolina, the mountains become increasingly rugged, surrounded by majestic stands of trees. Unbelievable views give rise to a slower pace, coupled with a chance for you to catch your breath in the crisp clean mountain air and get out and enjoy the scenery.
American Travel Center
3-Day Historic Gems Along the Blue Ridge Parkway by American Travel Center
During America�s original migration down the Great Wagon Road from Philadelphia to Virginia�s Southwest Mountains, many settlers chose to stop in the Blue Ridge area rather than traveling further south or west. Here migrants from Europe, escaping oppression and poverty, brought their homeland traditions, celebrations and customs with them to their new homes.
American Travel Center
4-Day Vistas, Caverns and History by American Travel Center
The Blue Ridge Parkway really begins with the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park in northern Virginia. Here the drive takes you through the "bluest" of the blue ridges that give the mountains and the parkway their name. The views, vistas and culture surrounding the northern reaches differ significantly from those further south.
American Travel Center
4-Day The Great Smokies: The Mountains at the End of the Trail by American Travel Center
As the Blue Ridge Parkway meanders through North Carolina on its way south, the blue haze which gives the Parkway its name gradually turns to a misty gray, the namesake of the Great Smoky Mountains. It�s here that the Parkway ends, winding its way through Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
American Travel Center
4-Day George Washington Country by American Travel Center
Surveyed and settled by Washingtons, the Eastern Panhandle hosts some of the original homes, historic towns and significant projects built by George Washington, his family and descendants. The key locations have all been pulled together into the George Washington Heritage Trail National Scenic Byway which traverses the Eastern Panhandle region.
American Travel Center
4-Day Exploring Northern Shenandoah�s Scenic Byways by American Travel Center
Gorgeous, scenic overlooks, lush forests and a plethora of historic districts beckon. With 3 National Scenic Byways, this American Driving Vacation is a great way to see the Northern Shenandoah Valley
American Travel Center
4-Day Explore, Activate and Relax from American Travel Center
Colonial history in a region surveyed by George Washington, hiking the Appalachian Trail, hot springs for bathing and relaxing, the George Washington National Heritage Trail Scenic Byway, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, historic towns and the Charles Town Races. Enjoy the best of the best in the region. Add the option of a whitewater trip.
American Travel Center
5-Day Turning Points In American History Package by American Travel Center
No fewer than 14 events occurred in West Virginia�s Eastern Panhandle that changed the entire course of American history. During the Civil War alone, the area changed hands more than thirty times as both sides of the conflict struggled to capture the strategic locations and its railroad exchange.
American Travel Center
5-Day Good Wines, Good Mountains by American Travel Center
We�ve designed this driving trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway to combine the beauty of the road with award-winning wines produced in stunning natural settings. To add good food into the equation, we also offer dining suggestions at restaurants recognized by the Virginia Winegrowers Advisory Board for their excellence.
American Travel Center
5-Day Blue Ridge Break Away from American Travel Center
Imagine meandering along the high ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here, up at the top of the world, traveling at the leisurely speed limit, you can soak up some of nature�s most beautiful mountain scenery. It�s what you�ll be doing on the Blue Ridge Break Away,
American Travel Center
12-Day The Ultimate Driving Trip: The Blue Ridge Parkway From Top to Bottom by American Travel Center
The Blue Ridge Parkway connects the Shenandoah National Park and the Skyline Drive in Virginia, with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. The trip traverses most of Virginia and all of North Carolina, encompasses a 469 mile drive that takes a leisurely 12 days, including stops to explore along the way.
American Travel Center
Visions of Virginia and the Great Smoky Mountains - Titan HiTours
The rich scenic variety offered by Virginia probably surpasses that of any other state in the USA. Flanking its western borders are the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains, commanding in their views and dazzling in their spring and autumn colours. Over on the East Coast are the sites of the original New World Settlements, including Old Williamsburg and the Plantation Trail, an area steeped in the history of both the Civil and Independence Wars. No expense has been spared in preserving this colonial splendour with the result that the State attracts tourists in their millions. Our tour includes a pleasant stay in America�s most popular recreation ground, the Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, and three nights in the capital, Washington D.C. Washington � Charlottesville � Lexington � Wytheville � Shenandoah � Pigeon Forge Winston-Salem � Richmond � Williamsburg � Chimney Rock Park � Alexandria
Titan HiTours
14-day Best of the East adventure tour by TrekAmerica
Experience the best of the East's cities, national parks, attractions and culture, and get "off the beaten track" to the lesser known places and people that make up this fascinating region of America
14-day "Best of the East" Tour - NY, Washington, Nashville, Chicago, Niagara
Explore the best of the East's cities, national parks, attractions & culture on TrekAmerica�s 14 day Best of the East adventure tour for 18-38s. See everything from the scenic national parks of the Appalachian Mountains to the big city sights and sounds of Chicago.
TrekAmerica Adventure Tours
Eastern Elegance and Southern Style
The Eastern seaboard from Boston to Miami boats a premier collection of sophisticated cities and lifestyles that has no equivalent, and this comprehensive tour has been designed to enable you to experience the very best of these wonderful locations combined with the comfort & style of travelling by train. With time to explore the fabulous cities of Boston, New York and Washington surely amongst the most iconic and historic in America, the tour also takes time to experience the old southern charm of Charleston and Savannah, named by the late Noel Coward as his favoured locations when asked to define style. Ending with the stunning coastline of Miami Beach, with its delectable Art Deco district and glamorous Ocean Drive, this tour encapsulates a fabulous mix of architecture history and entertainment that you cannot fail to enjoy. Travelling in comfort along some of Amtrak's extensive train networks, your excellent onboard facilities will ensure you can relax and take in some wonderful scenery enroute. Boston � New York � Washington � Charleston � Savannah � Miami
Titan HiTours
21-Day Southerner adventure tour by TrekAmerica
Our most popular tour for over 30 years - this is the ultimate road trip. From coast to coast - experience the fast paced East, the slow moving South and the laidback West with activities such as white water rafting, horseback riding and hiking on offer.
5 weeks Transcontinental South by TrekAmerica
Explore the length and breadth of America's southern states on this comprehensive adventure tour. Experience everything from the down-home charm of the deep South to the canyons and national parks of the desert southwest, from the beaches of Florida to the nightlife and wildife of the West
64-day "Trailblazer" The Ultimate RoadTrip
Experience the ultimate roadtrip on TrekAmerica's 64 day tour for 18-38s. Blaze an extraordinary trail across 35 States and Provinces of North America - from the Rockies to the Colonial East and the Wild West to the northern prairies.
TrekAmerica Adventure Travel
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